Implementing custom calculation layer
Calculating costs for a service and raising demand for bill generation


The calculation class will contain the calculation logic for given service delivery. This is very domain specific and cannot be generalised. Based on the application submitted, the calculator class will calculate the tax/charges and call billing service to generate demand.
For our guide, we are going to create a sample calculation class with some dummy logic. Demand generation, billing and payment will be covered in the future. For this, we are going to perform the following steps -
i) Create a class under service folder by the name of CalculationService
ii) Now, annotate this class with @Service annotation and add the following logic within it -
package digit.service;
import digit.web.models.BirthRegistrationApplication;
import org.springframework.stereotype.Service;
public class CalculationService {
public Double calculateLaminationCharges(BirthRegistrationApplication application){
// Add calculation logic according to business requirement
return 10.0;
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