Transaction integration capabilities extend the scope and possibilities for apps. Extended functionalities help in improving overall efficiency while ensuring compliance requirements as per business requirements.

The DIGIT platform has facilitated seamless integrations with diverse third-party applications, including Digi Locker and various government departments (spanning the National Monument Authority, Airport Authority, Odisha State Fire Department etc). These integrations extend the platform's capabilities and allow users to obtain and store clearances and certifications through a single window process.

Integration Details

Refer to the table below to find the details of successful third-party integrations with the DIGIT platform:

S.No.DIGIT ModuleIntegrated WithDescriptionImplementing Agency


Airport Authority / National Monument Authority / State Fire Department

Integration with the Airport Authority, National Monument Authority, and State Fire Dept has facilitated the application process for obtaining no-objection certificates for the Building Plan from multiple stakeholders

Odisha HUDD


Odisha Government Portal - Mo Sarkar

Integration with Odisha Govt portal 'Mo Sarkar', 'Mo Sahar Sarkar', 'Odisha One' to enable channels for users to submit public grievances

Odisha HUDD


Multiple modules


Integration with DigiLocker for storing required documents for verification of flows

Odisha HUDD


Lease Renewal

Lease Module

Integration with DGDE's Lease module for enabling citizen access


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