SRE Rituals

SRE Team's Monthly Tasks:

  1. Cloud Cost - Monitoring/Optimization/Publishing

  2. Infra Utilization Summary

  3. History of deployments

  4. History of Config changes

  5. History of release (if any) post-release findings if any.

  6. Monthly summary update

SRE Team's Weekly Tasks:

  1. Cleanup logs

  2. Backup logs

  3. Weekly DB dump in case of SDC

  4. ES Data backup

  5. Publish Weekly Summary report/Come up with the format

  6. Publish JIRA status

SRE Team's Daily Tasks:

  1. Monitor the status of the environment and ensure every single service is running

  2. Keep track of all tasks by creating tickets

  3. Attend Daily scrums

  4. Monitor the Prometheus Alters

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