LTS DIGIT Migration - v2.8 To v2.9


This comprehensive documentation provides step-by-step instructions and best practices for smoothly migrating your DIGIT installation from version 2.8 to the v2.9 (LTS) release.



  • To begin the migration process from DIGIT v2.8 to v2.9 LTS, it's crucial to first upgrade all prerequisite backbone services.

  • Following this, scale down the Zuul replica count to zero using the provided command

kubectl scale deployment <deployment_name> --replicas=0 -n <namespace>
  • Next, proceed with deploying the core service images as outlined in the attached release chart.

Note: You can deploy the images using Jenkins or else using the below go command.

go run main.go deploy -e <env_file> <image_name>
# you can provide multiple images seperated by comma in the above command for multiple deployments
  • Once all deployed services are confirmed to be up and running smoothly, the migration from v2.8 to v2.9 LTS can be considered complete.

Note: It's important to note that all resources related to Zuul should be deleted, as version 2.9 LTS onward transitions to the use of a gateway, deprecating Zuul.

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