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Creating users on DIGIT post installation


This doc provides the steps to create and add users on the DIGIT platform post-installation.

Steps To Create Users

  • Run the kubectl port-forwarding of the egov-user service from the Kubernetes cluster to your local host. This gives you access to egov-user service, bypassing Zuul auth, and you can now interact with the User API directly.

kubectl port-forward svc/egov-user 8080:8080 -n egov

You will see below text in the Terminal:

Forwarding from -> 8080 Forwarding from [::1]:8080 -> 8080

  • Ensure you have installed the Postman utility to run the following scripts. If not, Install postman on your local machine. Import the collection into Postman. Create an environment variable for โ€œtenantIdโ€ and set its value to your tenant.

  • The collection creates four types of users and also provides a way to refresh the auth token:

    1. Super User

    2. System User

    3. Citizen

    4. Anonymous User

  • Run all the scripts in order.

The refresh auth token script logs into the server and refreshes the token. A sample script is provided for the employee user. Similar scripts can be copied for the citizen/super user etc..for convenience.

Sample Json Object

       "userName": "systemuser",		Can it be changed: Yes
       "name": "systemuser",			Can it be changed: Yes
       "gender": null,			        Can it be changed: Yes
       "mobileNumber": "9999999999",	        Can it be changed: Yes
       "type": "SYSTEM",			Can it be changed: No
       "active": true,				Can it be changed: No
       "password": "eGov@54321",		Can it be changed: Yes
       "roles": [				Can it be changed: No
               "name": "Employee",
               "code": "EMPLOYEE",
               "tenantId": "pg"
               "name": "System user",
               "code": "SYSTEM",
               "tenantId": "pg"
       "tenantId": "pg"			Can it be changed: No

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