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This page provides the steps to configure the FormComposer.

Configuration Details

For complex configuration or screen details refer to documentation on Utility - preprocess

Other Variants (FormComposerV2)

There are 3 new use cases added to the FormComposer in addition to the default one where the whole form was rendered in a single card. Those 2 are the following:

  • Multiple cards

  • Cards with navigation menu

  • Multiple cards with navigation menu on a single card

The following use cases are covered in the DIGIT-WORKS repo.

URL to access:/works-ui/employee/works/sampleForm

Multiple Cards

This can be done by setting the showMultipleCards prop to the FormComposer as true. In this case, every object in the formConfig will be treated as a separate Card and will be rendered accordingly.

Access Config Link.

Cards With Navigation Menu

FormComposer provides the option to activate a navigation menu that appears on top of the card. Each link in the menu corresponds to a specific card. To enable this feature, provide an array configuration for the navigation menu as a prop to the FormComposer component. Then, map each card with a link from the navigation menu configuration array using a designated key named "navLink", associating it with a value in the Navigation Menu Config.

Access Configuration link.

Multiple Cards With Navigation Menu On A Single Card

This use case is the same as above. The only difference is the navLink property in the config. If this property is present and valid for a card config, the corresponding card will be mapped to a navigation menu link. On the other hand, if navLink is not present or invalid, the corresponding card will be rendered as a separate Card.

Multiple options can be selected.

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