2. Setup AWS Account

Steps to setup the AWS account for deployment

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Follow the details below to set up your AWS account before you proceed with the DIGIT deployment.

Get AWS Access

Public Users
  • Sign up for the AWS account if you do not already have one. Use this link to get started

  • Assign Administrator Access to the IAM user for necessary permissions.

  • Use the AWS IAM User credentials provided for the Terraform (Infra-as-code) to connect with your AWS account and provision the cloud resources.

  • The system will generate a Secret Access Key and Access Key ID. Save the keys.

  • Open the terminal. Run the following command you have installed on the AWS CLI and use the credentials. (Provide the credentials and leave the region and output format blank).

Note: Make sure the profile name provided in the commands below is also used in the Terraform scripts same as the AWS profile.

aws configure --profile digit-quickstart-poc 

AWS Access Key ID []:<Your access key>
AWS Secret Access Key []:<Your secret key>
Default region name []: ap-south-1
Default output format []: text
// Setting profile
export AWS_PROFILE=digit-quickstart-poc
  • The above will create the following file in your machine under the user home directory. /path/to/user/home/.aws/credentials


Once the command line access is configured, everything is set to proceed with the terraform to provision the DIGIT Infra-as-code.

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