This widget is a versatile and customizable checkbox component. It provides a checkbox with an associated label and allows users to toggle between checked and unchecked states. This widget supports various customisation options, including the ability to customise the checkbox icon colour, label, padding, and disabled state.

The widget provides a hover state, visually indicating when the user hovers over the checkbox. This is useful for enhancing the user experience.


This widget contains the following required parameters:

Name                         Description
label(string)               label associated with the checkbox
onChange(boolCallBack)      callback function when the checkbox value changes

These are some option parameters:

value(default: false)        current state of checkbox
isDisabled                     indicates whether the checkbox is disabled
iconColor                    checkbox colour can be customized using this
Padding                      padding around the checkbox widget



Add the following lines of code:

  label: "Label for checkbox",
  onChanged: (value) {},

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