API Specifications

DIGIT offers several API collections that help integrate services on the platform. The table below enlists the DIGIT Core Service APIs and the link to related service configuration docs.
API List
Service Configuration Docs
Create, Update, Search, Password Update, Reset Password
Create new roles, Update existing roles, Search for a list of roles based on role codes, Create new actions, Update existing actions, Map roles and features, Map roles and actions, Validate tenant actions & roles
Add employee, Update employee data, Generate count for list of active & inactive employees, Search for employees
Search list of boundaries, search geographical boundaries, Search for tenant id based on latitude and longitude
Localise messages, Update localised messages, Delete localised messages, Get messages by locale and tenant ID
Encrypt given values, Decrypt given values, Provide signature for given values, Verify signature, Deactivate keys for given tenant and generate new key
Index records, Reindex records, Start legacy index job to reindex records
Upload files to servers, Search file url based on tenantid and filestoreid, Search file url based on tenantid and tag name, Get metadata of file based on tenantID and filestoreID
Record payments in the system, Perform workflow actions on payment, Validate payment request, Search payment based on given search criteria
Send user messages to chatbot using POST and GET request
Create/Update master data, Get master data for listed tenantID or module
Generate new ID
Shorten URL, Redirects user to the original URL
Create/Update/Search new business service, Create new workflow entry, Get the list of workflows, Get count of applications
Create/Validate/Search OTP configuration entry
Get report description, Get reports based on search criteria
Create/Search pdf
Create new payment instruction / Update existing payment /Retrieve current status of payment
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