Enabling Branch protection:

You can create branch protection rule, such as requiring an approving review or passing status checks for all pull requests merged into the protected branch.

Creating a branch inside repository:

  • Go to the repository and click on new branch.

  • Here I have created a branch named DIGIT

  • After, go to that branch in the same repository.

Creating branch protection rule:

  • Branch protection rule states that, how to manage the branch restrictions/permissions in GitHub.

NOTE : You must have admin access orelse you have to be a codeowner to make these changes for branch restrictions/permissions.

  • Open https://github.com and choose any repository.Go to the main page. Click on settings.

  • Click on branches

  • If you click on the Edit rules you can able to see the rules which are applied for that branch.you should follow the rules when ever you are going to made any changes to that branch and pushing it.

  • If you want to create new branch protection rule click on Add Rule.

The common restrictions we are following to merge branches are :

1.Requires pull request

2.Requires approvals from CODE OWNERS

  • Only the CODE OWNERS can have access to merge and makes changes to these rules.

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