Customisation options for DIGIT UI


This document provides the customisation details for DIGIT UI. Customisation can be classified broadly into two types -

  1. Overriding the Component/Hooks/CSS

  2. Overwriting the required changes directly into the Micro-ui-internals


Overriding involves making all customization changes exclusively within the micro-ui/web directory.


Within the custom CSS module, define customized CSS using the same class name or ID. Afterward, publish the changes. Ensure to reference this custom CSS file in the index.html to reflect the modifications on the website.

<link rel="stylesheet" href="" />
<link rel="stylesheet" href="" />// Some code

For Components/Hooks

For overriding any components, re-register the same component in the same name in the customization folder. The latest changes are reflected.

Overwriting Changes

Overwriting involves directly modifying the micro-ui-internals directory. This is slightly more challenging method to incorporate changes. Make sure the docker file is updated as per the code below and includes the script.


RUN cd web/ \
    && node envs.js \
    &&  ./ \
    && yarn install \
    && yarn build 

The workspace in the web/package.json should be updated as below:

 "workspaces": [

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