The Toast widget provides a customizable toast notification for Flutter applications. It is designed to display short-lived messages, alerts, or notifications to users in a visually appealing and informative manner.

The ToastType enumeration defines different types of toasts, including:

  • success: Indicates a successful operation.

  • error: Indicates an error or failure.

  • warning: Indicates a warning or caution.


The Toast widget provides a static method for displaying toasts. This method includes the following parameters:

Name                                Description
context(required)                  the build context for the widget
options(required)                  configuration options for the toast, such as the
                                   message and type
duration                           how long the toast message will be shown
                                   (default: 5 sec)



Success Toast,
options: DigitToastOptions(
"Your Success message", ToastType.success));

Error Toast,
options: DigitToastOptions(
"Your Error message", ToastType.error));

Warning Toast,
options: DigitToastOptions(
"Your Warning message", ToastType.warning));

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