Development Pre-requisites


Before beginning development on top of DIGIT make sure:
  • DIGIT code from DIGIT-OSS, egov-mdms-data, configs etc.. has been forked from GitHub under your organization’s umbrella account.
  • You have access to the forked repositories from your GitHub user account. Note that the user account is different from the organization's account.
  • Access to a DIGIT environment - FQDN, Access keys etc..The DIGIT environment can be a single VM setup for a development environment. Please refer to these docs for the installation of DIGIT.
We recommend pointing the following services to the dev environment -
  • User
  • MDMS
  • Localization
  • Id-Gen
  • URL-shortener
  • Workflow
Some of the above services can also be port forwarded using Kubernetes to bypass user auth.
The following DIGIT services should be running locally:
  • Persister
  • Indexer (optional)
  • PDF Service
  • CD/CI has been set up for DIGIT. This is a pre-requisite to deploying new DIGIT modules. CD/CI processes will be used to build and deploy the new module that will be developed.
  • In addition, knowledge of the following technologies is required for developing on DIGIT:
  • Java/J2EE
  • Spring Boot.
  • REST APIs and related concepts like path parameters, headers, JSON etc.
  • Git
  • PostgreSQL
  • Kafka
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