Setup Monitoring Tools

Monitor and trace user activity
To monitor and trace user activity on the client side, we need to enable telemetry in the local or development environment.
Local Environment
Dev Environment
Whichever environment file has been used to deploy DIGIT, please make sure the above code blocks are added to the file. Dev has been used here as an example. This can differ based on the environment.
Redeploy the citizen, employee, and digit-ui modules using Helm. For example, to redeploy the citizen module, identify the docker image ID from the product release charts.
If you have deployed DIGIT v2.6, use the 2.6 release chart. If 2.7, use the 2.7 release chart. Search for the docker image ID of the citizen, employee and digit-UI modules and copy those.
Then, run the following commands to redeploy the citizen module with the updated variables in the environment file. This will replace the new values during deployment and configure it appropriately:
go run main.go deploy -c -e <environment_file.yaml> egovio/citizen:v1.5.0-c1825dd69-291
Repeat this exercise for the employee module. Redeploy the digit-ui module based on the instructions here. Once the deployment is successful, we can track it into the Network tab by filter telemetry.
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