Pre-defined Screens In DIGIT-UI

Steps to add new screens in DIGIT-ui


This document provides the steps for creating new screens in the DIGIT-UI.


Creating a screen in DIGIT UI involve simple steps and is classified into 4 different screen -

Create Screen

To create any new screen of the Create type, use the FormcomposerV2 and transmit the configuration as specified in the sample.js file.

To check the different types of configurations, refer to the fieldSelector function.

View Screen

To use any view screen, create the hook for initiating API calls and structure the configurations for the View section.

Inbox Screen

To create any inbox screen, use the InboxComposer and add the following configurations:

  • Main file: EdcrInbox

  • Check the folder which contains other configs like filter, table, search, and mobile responsiveness.

  • The hook for the same is defined in useEDCRInbox.js

  • Use the latest InboxSearchComposer (InboxV2)

  • Both Inbox and Search screens can be shown based on the input configurations passed to that component - BillInbox.js

  • Configuration are mentioned in InboxConfig for local reference and it is fetched from the MDMS BillInboxConfig.

Search Screen

An example of a Search screen is available in SearchConfig.

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