Import Required Components


DIGIT comes with common re-usable libraries that can be imported for use in a new module. This page provides the steps on importing the required components.


CSS , libraries , common , react components can be imported by adding into package.json.

"@egovernments/digit-ui-css": "1.5.3",

Common components live in micro-ui/web/micro-ui-internals/packages/react-components micro-ui/web/micro-ui-internals/packages/css

DIGIT components that we are reusing -

  1. FormComposerV2

  2. InboxSearchComposer

  3. ActionBar

  4. Banner

  5. Card

  6. CardText

  7. Loader

  8. SubmitBar

  9. AppContainer

  10. BackButton

  11. PrivateRoute

  12. Icons

  13. CitizenHomecard

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