Implementation Guide

Reimagining & building for new domains on the DIGIT platform

  1. Install DIGIT core using the Installation Guide. It is not recommended to customize DIGIT core platform components. Please raise issues or PRs for bug fixes. Raise questions in the DIGIT discussion board.

  2. Deploy the DIGIT UI build from the published service build updates.

  3. Verify the deployment by setting up the Public Grievances Redressal (PGR) (optional). Or ensure that all services are in running state in the Kubernetes cluster.

  4. Verify that the Citizen portal is available at <hostname>/digit-ui/citizen.

  5. Verify that the Employee portal is available at <hostname>/digit-ui/employee.

  6. For further customisations of existing DIGIT UI modules or to build new modules, please fork the latest release tag from the DIGIT-Frontend repository. Check the service build updates page for a description of the UI releases to pick the appropriate release.

  7. If you are building a new domain on the DIGIT platform, start with a clean slate with only basic UI modules. Please fork the quick start tag from DIGIT-Frontend. Start to add new UI modules as folders within the micro-ui-internals folder.

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