In every branch of repository there will be a CODEOWNER file. The people inside the CODEOWNER file are responsible for code in repository.

  • People with admin or owner permissions can set up a CODEOWNERS file in a repository.

  • The people you choose as code owners must have write permissions for the repository.

  • When the code owner is a team, that team must be visible and it must have write permissions, even if all the individual members of the team already have write permissions directly, through organization membership, or through another team membership.

  • For every branch there will be a CODEOWNER file. Only they can able to write the code and able to merge the pull requests.

Create CODEOWNER file:

  • Go to any of your branch(DIGIT branch created previously) in a repository and click on new file and name it as CODEOWNERS

  • Click on "Create a new branch for this commit and start a pull request" and click on propose new file

  • Next click on Create pull request and then Merge pull request and confirm merge.

  • Add the GitHub Id's of all the team or people whom you want to add.

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