Adding New Master


For creating a new master in MDMS, create the JSON file with the master data and configure the newly created master in the master config file.


Before proceeding with the configuration, make sure the following pre-requisites are met -

  • User with permission to edit the git repository where MDMS data is configured.

Deployment Details

After adding the new master, the MDMS service needs to be restarted to read the newly added data.

Configuration Details

Creating Master JSON

The new JSON file needs to contain 3 keys as shown in the below code snippet. The new master can be created either State-wise or ULB-wise. Tenant ID and config in the master config file determine this.

  "tenantId": "< TENANT ID >",
  "moduleName": "< MODULE NAME >",
  "< MASTER NAME >": []

Configuring Master Config File

The master config file is structured as below. Each key in the master config is a module and each key in the module is a master.


Each master contains the following data and the keys are self-explanatory

    "masterName": "<>",
    "isStateLevel": true,
    "uniqueKeys": []

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