Build & Deploy

Building and deploying the digit-ui module

Follow the instructions here to set up the job pipeline. Ignore the steps not applicable to the frontend.

Instructions here are provided assuming CD/CI has been set up using the DIGIT ci-as-code module.


Go to the Jenkins build page. Click on digit-ui under the folder path mentioned below. The entire UI module is built as a monolith. Since this module is also part of the same monolith, the entire UI module has to be built and redeployed. frontend/micro-ui/digit-ui/

Click on Build with parameter. Select the feature branch name by searching for it in the search box on the right side of the screen. Click on Build.

Once the build is successful, open the console output and find the docker image that has been built. Copy the docker image ID.



Copy the docker image IDs from the previous step and paste in the above box. Click on "Build". Once the image is deployed, you will see a message as shown below:

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