View integrations facilitate view access to relevant data or details for further processing.

DIGIT has successfully integrated with third-party apps hosted by Chandigarh Smart City Limited (CSCL), Punjab State Power Corporation Limited (PSCPL) or NIC and Odisha Government portal SUGAM. These integrations help provide users with visibility on relevant data and information. For instance, integration with NIC's hospital OPD system provides users with the option to view the details of the services. Similarly, integration with the PSPCL billing system allows users to access the electricity charges for Rural Water Supply schemes.

Integration Details

Refer to the table below to find the details of successful third-party integrations with the DIGIT platform:

S.No.DIGIT ModuleIntegrated WithDescriptionImplementing Agency


Chandigarh Smart City Limited (CSCL) HR & Payroll

Integration with CSCL's HR and Payroll module

Chandigarh Smart City


Chandigarh Smart City Limited (CSCL)

Integration with CSCL's Property Tax / Water & Sewerage systems

Chandigarh Smart City




Integration with Govt of Odisha's SUGAM app for service discovery

Odisha HUDD


NIC Hospital OPD

Integration with NIC's Hospital OPD system to view service delivery details



Punjab State Power Corporation Limited (PSCPL)

Integration with PSPCL's Billing System to view electricity charges

DWSS Punjab

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