Adopt New MDMS - Steps

Follow the steps below to adopt the new MDMS -

  1. Define the schema for the master that you want to promote to MDMS v2.

  2. Ensure that the schema has a unique field (a unique field can also be composite) to enforce data integrity.

  3. In case the data does not have unique identifiers e.g. complex masters like the one mentioned here, consider adding a redundant field which can serve as the unique identifier.

  4. Use the following API endpoint to create a schema - /mdms-v2/schema/v1/_create

  5. Search and verify the created schema using the following API endpoint - /mdms-v2/schema/v1/_search

  6. Once the schema is in place, add the data using the following API endpoint - /mdms-v2/v2/_create/{schemaCode}

  7. Verify the data by using the following API endpoint - /mdms-v2/v2/_search

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