Section 6: Run Final Application

Run the deployed application in the local environment


It is time to test our completed application! Follow the steps on this page to test and run the deployed application.


Before testing our application, we need to run a couple of services locally -

  1. To run the persister service locally -

    • Run Kafka.

    • Open egov-persister folder which should be present under core-services repository.

    • Update the following properties in file -

  2. To run indexer service locally (optional) -

    • Run Kafka.

    • Run ElasticSearch.

    • Open egov-indexer folder which should be present under core-services repository.

    • Update the following properties in file -


For example, the path to config files would be something like -


To run and test our sample application, follow the below steps -

  1. Ensure that Kafka, Persister, Indexer and PDF services are running locally and run the code of voter-registration-service from DIGIT_DEVELOPER_GUIDE branch (for consistency).

  2. Port-forward the following services -

    • egov-user to port 8284 (for e.g. - kubectl port-forward egov-user-58d6dbf966-8r9gz 8284:8080)

    • egov-localization to port 8286 (for e.g. kubectl port-forward egov-localization-d7d5ccd49-xz9s9 8286:8080)

    • egov-filestore to 8288 (for e.g. kubectl port-forward egov-filestore-86c688bbd6-zzk72 8288:8080)

    • egov-mdms to 8082 (for e.g. kubectl port-forward egov-mdms-service-c9d4877d7-kd4zp 8082:8080)

  3. Run birth-registration-service that we just created.

  4. Import the postman collection of the APIs that this sample service exposes from here -Birth Registration Postman Collection

  5. Setup environment variables in Postman:

    • hostWithPort - Eg. or if the service is running on port 80.

    • applicationNumber - used in the search/update requests to search for that specific application number. Set it post the create birth registration application call.

In case no workflow has been configured, run the scripts to configure and search for workflow. Double-check ID gen by running the ID gen script.

a. Hit the _create API request to create a voter registration application.

b. Hit the _search API request to search for the created voter registration applications.

c. Hit _update API request to update your application or transition it further in the workflow by changing the actions.

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