Backend Developer Guide

DIGIT backend development guide
This guide provides detailed steps for developers to create a new microservice on top of DIGIT.
The guide is divided into multiple sections for ease of use. Click on the section cards below to follow the development steps.
Section 0: System Setup
Learn all about the development pre-requisites, design inputs, and environment setup
Section 1: Create Project
The first step is to create and configure a spring boot project
Section 2: Integrate Persister Service
The next step is to integrate the Persister service and Kafka to enable read/write from the DB
Section 3: Integrate with other DIGIT services
Steps on how to integrate with other key DIGIT services
Section 4: Billing & Payment Integration
Learn how to integrate the billing and payment services to the module
Section 5: Advanced Integrations
Learn how to integrate advanced services to the built module
Section 6: Run Application
Test run the built application in the local environment
Access the sample module here. Download and run this in the local environment.