Backend Developer Guide

DIGIT backend development guide

This guide provides detailed steps for developers to create a new microservice on top of DIGIT. At the end of this guide, you will be able to run the sample module provided (code provided), test it out locally and also deploy it using CI/CD to your DIGIT environment.

Steps to create a microservice:

  • Set up your development environment

  • Develop the registries, services, and APIs for a voter registration module that were described in the Design Guide

  • Integrate with an existing DIGIT environment and re-use a lot of the common services using Kubernetes port forwarding

  • Test the new module and debug

  • Build and deploy the new service in the DIGIT environment

The guide is divided into multiple sections for ease of use. Click on the section cards below to follow the development steps.

Learn all about the development pre-requisites, design inputs, and environment setup

The first step is to create and configure a spring boot project

The next step is to integrate the Persister service and Kafka to enable read/write from the DB

Steps on how to integrate with other key DIGIT services

Learn how to integrate the billing and payment services to the module

Learn how to integrate advanced services to the built module

Test run the built application in the local environment

Deploy and run the modules

Access the sample module here. Download and run this in the local environment.

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