DIGIT Deployment

High-level overview of DIGIT deployment


DIGIT is an open-source, customizable platform that lends itself to extensibility. New modules can be built on top of the platform to suit new use-cases or existing modules can be modified or replaced. To enable this, in addition to deploying DIGIT, a CI/CD pipeline should be set up. CD/CI pipelines enable the end user to automate & simplify the build/deploy process.

DIGIT comes with configurable "CI as code", "Deploy as code" etc.. which can be utilized to set up the pipelines and deploy new modules. More on that in the steps below.

Note: Changing the DIGIT code has implications for upgrades. That is, you may not be able to upgrade to the latest version of DIGIT depending on the changes that have been made. New modules are generally not a problem for upgrades.


Deployment Strategies

This section contains the list of documents that explains the key concepts required for DIGIT deployment.

If you're deploying DIGIT for the first time, we recommend using the Helmfile documentation for guidance.

Deployment Using Golang

If you're already running DIGIT and want to deploy using Go exclusively, this document is your go-to reference.

Deployment using GithubActions

This document offers guidance on effortlessly setting up the infrastructure and deploying the DIGIT service with just a click.

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