DIGIT Sandbox for Demo and Development

Access DIGIT tool is an open demo instance designed to provide you with first-hand experience of the DIGIT platform. Navigate the DIGIT platform and explore its various features, workflows and applications.

How To Access DIGIT

Access DIGIT in Citizen Role

Access DIGIT in Employee Role

Demo Scripts

We have added user assistance docs below to help you learn more about DIGIT modules and the use-case scenarios supported by each.

  • TL Demo Script

  • OBPS Demo Script

  • PGR Demo Script

Developer Access

The Sandbox environment allows users to develop a DIGIT service fast. The DIGIT core services are already set up in the sandbox environment.

To access the DIGIT services you need an API Key and Secret. We are working on a self-service portal where you can register and get the keys. In the meantime, you can send an email to to get the API access keys.

Once you get the API access keys, follow the step-by-step Developer Guide to build a new DIGIT service.


We would love to get your feedback and suggestions on the Access DIGIT experience to help us build on this!

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For any further queries or feedback please write to us at

Demo Request

Click on the page link below ⬇️ to request a walkthrough of the DIGIT platform and specific applications.

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