1. Pre-requisites

Find the pre-requisites for deploying DIGIT platform services on AWS

Topics covered:


  1. AWS account with admin access to provision EKS Service. You can always subscribe to a free AWS account to learn the basics and try, but there is a limit to what is offered as free. For this demo, you need a commercial subscription to the EKS service. If you want to try for a day or two, it might cost you about Rs 500 - 1000.

    Note: Post the Demo (for eGov internal folks only) - request for the AWS access for 4 hrs. Time-bound access to eGov's training AWS account is available upon request and the available number of slots per day).

  2. Install kubectl (any version) on the local machine - it helps interact with the Kubernetes cluster.

  3. Install Helm - this helps package the services, configurations, environments, secrets, etc into Kubernetes manifests.

  4. Install tfswitch - to run different versions of Terraform on the machine. tfswitch supports multiple terraform versions on the same machine and you can toggle between the desired versions.

// On Mac
brew install warrensbox/tap/tfswitch
// On Linux
curl -L https://raw.githubusercontent.com/warrensbox/terraform-switcher/release/install.sh | bash

Refer to tfswitch documentation for different platforms. Terraform version 0.14.10 can be installed directly as well.

5. Run tfswitch and it will show a list of terraform versions. Scroll down and select terraform version (0.14.10) for the Infra-as-code (IaC) to provision cloud resources as code. This provides the desired resource graph and helps destroy the cluster in one go.​

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