Generate Android APKs & App Bundles

Steps to generate APKs and App bundles for Android applications


Follow the steps on this page to build the APK and IPA for deploying in Play Store and App-store.


Generate APK For Testing

  1. Follow the Flutter Installation and setup Guide and Run the Application till the Flutter pub is set up.

  2. Run the below command in your terminal from theroot of the project to generate the APK

    flutter build apk --release

Generate & Publish App Bundle To Play Store


Note: The generated key store file needs to be added to the Android/app folder of your project. This is needed for publishing the next version of your application.


  1. Add a file inside your Android folder which is a reference to your key store file. Below is the sample file.

  1. Run the below command in your terminal from the root of the project to generate the App bundle to publish in the play store.

flutter build app bundle

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