13.Object Storage (S3)

Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3) is a massively scalable storage service based on object storage technology. It provides a very high level of durability, with high availability and high performance. Data can be accessed from anywhere via the Internet, through the Amazon Console and the powerful S3 API.
S3 storage provides the following key features:
  • Buckets—data is stored in buckets. Each bucket can store an unlimited amount of unstructured data.
  • Elastic scalability—S3 has no storage limit. Individual objects can be up to 5TB in size.
  • Flexible data structure—each object is identified using a unique key, and you can use metadata to flexibly organize data.
  • Downloading data—easily share data with anyone inside or outside your organization and enable them to download data over the Internet.
  • Permissions—assign permissions at the bucket or object level to ensure only authorized users can access data.
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