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DIGIT analytics enable -
  • administrators to view the dashboard based on which they can take day-to-day planning and operational decisions
  • citizens to view and assess how the city administration is delivering services to them
  • employees to identify immediate areas of focus so that they can direct their efforts accordingly
  • analysts and researchers to access data in a format that enables them to analyse data rapidly and provide deep insights
In order to enable the above in a scalable, secure and reliable manner, the DIGIT platform needs to ensure -
  • transaction data is extracted, transformed and made available in an analytical datastore in a timely manner
  • privacy issues are addressed as data is moved to the analytical data store
  • as the transaction data structure is modified, the extract and transform programs continue to work seamlessly
  • users will have the ability to extend the transformation to suit their needs. Data may need to be transformed multiple times to address reporting and analytical requirements.
  • user can design and modify dashboards as per their requirements
  • users can access data only based on their role
  • raw as well as analytical datasets are made available through open data APIs for analysts and researchers
  • anomalies detected are bubbled up to the right users at the right time
  • users can perform descriptive, diagnostic, predictive and prescriptive analytics seamlessly
  • real-time scenarios e.g. IOT can be catered to by the platform.
Proposed Analytics Framework
Sunbird cQube is something we should look at see how this fits into our requirements.
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