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eGovernments Foundation transforms urban governance with the use of scalable and replicable technology solutions that enable efficient and effective municipal operations, better decision-making, and contactless urban service delivery.
Our comprehensive software products enable Governments to put their resources to efficient use by minimising overheads. We also help bring transparency, accountability and citizen-centricity to the delivery of Government services.
eGovernments Foundation has been at the forefront of implementing eGovernance solutions since 2003. Our products have been serving over 325 ULBs across the country. Our time-tested products have impacted the ULBs in a large way. We have also been involved in several eGovernance initiatives in the country.
Our primary business motivator is to increase the footprint of eGovernance across the country and help adoption in as many ULBs as possible. Going open source with our products is a measure in this direction. It also gives us the ability to tap into the immense talent pool in India for strengthening and improving our cities. Open source also blends well with our ethical fabric of being open and transparent in our business.

Issue Tracking

Report issues via the eGov Opensource JIRA.


The eGov suit is released under version 3.0 of the GPL.

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