The Radio Buttons component in Digit UI Components empowers users to make a single selection from a list of options. This intuitive interface provides a smooth user experience with hover and mouse-down effects. It is designed to handle both horizontal and vertical layouts based on the screen width.


These are some required parameters inside the radio list:

Name                            Description
radioButtons                 A list of RadioButtonModel representing the radio button
onChanged                   a callback when a radio button is selected

These are additional parameters:

groupValue                  the current selected value in the radio group, using this
                            any radio button can be selected initially, the default is a
                            empty string.
isDisabled                   indicates whether radio buttons are disabled
containerPadding              padding applied around each radio button


Add these lines of code:

  onChanged: (value) {},
  radioButtons: [
    RadioButtonModel(code: '1',name: 'One',),
    RadioButtonModel(code: '2', name: 'Two'),
    RadioButtonModel(code: '3', name: 'Three'),

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