National Dashboard Adaptor Service


Design and develop an adaptor service which extracts data from the state DIGIT installations and pushes it onto the National Dashboard instance periodically.
A list of tasks for this is tracked for the adaptor - Jira - Dashboard


  • Adaptor to be deployed on state DIGIT installations
  • Periodically, the adaptor extracts data and aggregates it from the different DIGIT modules
  • Posts the data to the National Dashboard for the state
  • Bookkeeping is done for every adaptor data extract and pushes for audit and debugging
  • Out of scope: extraction from non-DIGIT sources
A national dashboard adaptor extracts data from the state DSS at a scheduled time which can be configured and then would ingest in the National Dashboard. The adaptor ingests data at the state/ULB/Ward level for each module on a daily basis. The adapter sends the data in a batch size of 50 to the national dashboard.
Flow Diagram
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