The value proposition for DIGIT stakeholders

01 - Accelerated Reforms

Governments have used DIGIT to transform the way they deliver public services.

By establishing a digital public infrastructure (DPI), multiple states have built capacity, removed administrative burdens and improved governance for faster, better, and cheaper delivery of public services.

Governments face multiple challenges in transformation initiatives. Capacity issues, emergent needs and behaviours, variance in context and requirements at a different scale.

DIGIT was designed ground-up to address such challenges and has evolved over multiple years of implementations to solve for accelerated reforms.

02 - Trustworthy Data For Effective Decision Making

Timely and trustworthy data for effective decision-making at different administrative levels and to fix accountability. DIGIT comes ready with data dashboards to enable decision-making at all levels of government, right from administrators to frontline workers.

DIGIT makes possible:

  • interoperability

  • Easy sharing of data

  • Single source of truth

This ensures that products built on DIGIT enhance visibility, increase trust and reduce the cost of coordination across multiple departments and programs.

03 - Improved Productivity & Faster Adoption

Reduce overheads for technology teams and learning curve for the final product users.

Single login for multiple applications and a standardised user interface make adoption quicker and easier. Role-based access takes away the overheads of multiple environments for different systems and multiple user accounts for each system.

For employees, it removes having to do tedious, repetitive tasks by automating processes, improving productivity, and allowing them to focus on more meaningful aspects of their jobs.

04 - Sustainable Impact At Scale & Speed

Scalability is at the core of the DIGIT platform. It has been deployed as a digital public infrastructure serving large-scale sub-national and national populations.

What makes it possible? A technologically robust platform with open and freely available specifications and standardised APIs that have proven its performance at massive deployments at the population scale.

DIGIT's source code is open source, data is stored in shared registries and data stores are owned by the government, mitigating the risks associated with vendor lock-ins, and allowing digital transformation initiatives to move ahead with speed at scale.

05 - Enhanced Citizen Access To Public Services

Products built on DIGIT can be accessed by multiple channels. So that, services can be delivered to citizens via mobile, web, WhatsApp, chatbots, through intermediaries or over the counter in physical offices. All are seamlessly connected.

It comes ready with a well-defined design system with a standardised user interface that has been created considering the realities of population-scale digital products. The user interface is straightforward, minimal and follows a guided approach for citizens using these digital products.

06 - Quick Development, Easy Deployment

All products on DIGIT are designed to be configured, customised, and extended to suit the needs of the local context. These changes can be made at different levels of government.

A federated architecture supports the different realities of each unit of governance.

A set of reusable building blocks can be leveraged by market players to build products and services rapidly. Well-defined specifications, documentation, guides, and training materials make deployment quick and easy for teams. Thus, making it possible to build products for different programs and services, urgent needs and take them to the ground as fast as possible.

07 - Strong Network Of Trusted System Integrators

The DIGIT team works actively with partners and has created a robust ecosystem of application developers and system integrators that are trained and certified in DIGIT.

Open training sessions on design, development, deployment and implementation are held regularly. In addition to that, DIGIT provides certifications to trained personnel.

08 - Continued Platform Support

For governments using DIGIT as their technology platform, the DIGIT team offers:

  • Advisory support in vendor selection

  • Product design review, architecture design review

  • Enablement of system integrators selected by the government

  • Open training sessions | Certifications | Implementation guidance | Platform performance review

DIGIT promises long-term support of the platform for all its core components and also underwrites the performance of the core platform.

9 - Designed For Global Challenges, Recognised Globally

DIGIT has the capabilities needed to rapidly develop digital applications to address global development challenges. From its origin in solving for urban governance, the platform has rapidly evolved to address challenges in areas of sanitation, public health welfare, public finance, rural governance and legal case management among others.

DIGIT is certified as a Digital Public Good (DPG) by the Digital Public Goods Alliance (DPGA). The DIGIT team sits on the technical advisory committee of the Govstack that works to identify and support the advancement of digital public goods with relevance to the whole of the government transformation approach.

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