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Training and Certification

  • DIGIT Architect
  • DIGIT Developer
  • DIGIT DevOps
    1. 1.
      Basic Certification
      • Understanding DIGIT Infrastructure Architecture and Infra Resources
      • Provisioning the Infra using code - Terraform on a cloud AWS - Step-by-step
      • Understanding DIGIT DevOps repo and the capabilities that one can leverage to provision the Infra and Deploy DIGIT automatically
      • Understand the DIGIT Deployment configuration
      • Setting up the MDMS and Config repos Deploying the DIGIT using a step-by-step wizard-based guide
      • Configuring Post-deployment seed scripts
      • Getting started with the DIGIT platform/features
    2. 2.
      Advanced Certification
      • Forking the Git Repos and onboarding the users
      • Setting up the CI/CD Infra and tool
      • Setting up the Pipeline and Deployment jobs
      • Setting up the Observability stack
        • Infra resource monitoring
        • Traffic/TPS monitoring
        • Services - Logs dashboard
        • Kafka lag dashboard
        • Tracing - Dashboard
      • Port-forwarding from the developer machine
      • Connecting to DB
    3. 3.
      Expert Certification
      • Operations for the site reliability
      • Upgrading the Kubernetes
      • Upgrading the Helm charts (Deployment configs)
      • Scaling the Infrastructure
      • Troubleshooting and backups
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